SLP working with a child

On Track?

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Is My Child on Track?

SLP working with a child

Age 2 Milestones

Word combinations, requests and follows commands

At age 2, look for the following in your child:

  • combines two words ( e.g. “mommy go”, “daddy sock”
  • speech is 50% intelligible (understood by unfamiliar listeners)
  • points to pictures in books
  • requests items by name
  • uses 50+ words
  • understands approximately 500+ words
  • repeats first words and first syllables
  • follows simple commands
  • can identify several body parts
SLP working with a child

Age 3 Milestones

Phrases, questions and activities

At age 3, look for the following in your child:

  • use 3-4 word phrases
  • speech is 75 % intelligible
  • can talk about activities at school and home
  • understands simple questions (who, what, where)
  • understands approximately 1200 words
  • uses 800+ words
  • can identify objects by name
  • can engage in conversation
  • understands object function
  • uses language to express emotion
  • can ask simple questions
SLP working with a child

Age 4 Milestones

Sentences, grammar and storytelling

At age 4, look for the following in your child:

  • speech is 80-90% intelligible
  • uses sentences with 4+ words
  • uses grammatically correct sentences
  • can relay a story with accuracy
  • listens to short stories
  • uses 900+ words
  • understands 2000+ words
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